Teen Wears Her Mother’s Prom Dress To Her Own Prom

Some things never change or go out of style, and this prom dress is living proof. One teen recently wore the same prom dress that her mom wore back in 1995 = and she looked just as good as her mom did. The teen named Ally Johnson went immediately viral after sharing a picture on Twitter with the dress.

“I tried it on and it fit perfectly,” Johnson, 18, told TODAY Style. “It didn’t need any alterations. I just loved it from the second I tried it on.”

Proud to wear my moms prom dress 22 years later ❤👯 #Prom2017 pic.twitter.com/Qj8MuOzMMt

The dress was a hit at the dance too. Johnson’s mother said that she wore the dress 22 years ago and it was her mother too that picked it out for her.

“Back then, we didn’t have online options, and we visited probably 10 stores,” mom Lori Johnson, 39, told TODAY Style. “Eventually we went to a vintage store and my mom found this dress and she loved it. At first, I was like, ‘I don’t know if I really like that dress,’ but I tried it on and I absolutely loved it.”

It turns out that all moms are doing this too. We’re blessed with lots of pictures with all these girls squeezed or slid into their mom’s prom dressed for the camera.

My little sister decided to wear my mom’s prom dress for her prom this year and it’s making me so emotional. pic.twitter.com/NlgKUj5c9V

Johnson’s mom also added:

“It just made me so happy, because we’re very much alike anyway, and seeing her wear it took me back to when I went to prom and thinking about her growing up and now she’s going to prom,” she continued. “It was just a special moment.”