Look Twice To See What’s Behind These 20 Photos

Optical illusions are wondrous. We see them everywhere, from the street to the TV or in photos, and they keep making us drop our jaws. Sometimes you can barely notice that something is indeed there in a picture. When you first look at it, you see something, but when you look closer, it’s something entirely different. These pictures will make you look twice to see what’s really in them.

1. What exactly is this girl exposing here?

She was just trying to be cute, but the angle of the picture turned out really bad. A lot of people just think it’s her chest popping out when they see this picture.


2. Is that her foot or her arm?

It’s just the way she is bending over that makes it strange. It certainly isn’t a foot growing on her arm.


3. A dragon dog

This is a dog with some magic skills. It is in fact a well-timed photo over the top of a fire pit.


4. The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, part two

This made me look three times. It’s a picture of a dad with his little one. The dad’s nose and mouth blend with the baby’s hat and sunglasses.


5. Where are her legs?

This girl’s half is invisible. Is she floating? She is actually wearing a pair f leggings that match the floor.


6. Conjoined twins in a relationship

Although this reminded me of a book, it’s actually something quite different. There are two ladies wearing white and their shoulders line up in a perfect way.


7. The dog lady

It’s not a dressed up dog.


8. The giant seagull

It’s in fact a cleverly timed and angled spot. The bird is on a ledge and the person is walking further down below.


9. Alien Horse

Another horse is standing right behind his horse. Creepy!


10. SO hairy

This girl is totally not hairy. She is just close to her male friend’s leg.


11. The strangest giraffe

Perfect timing for these two giraffes.


12. Headless body

This is an interesting yoga pose. The angle made his head disappear.


13. The woman horse

What happened here? The woman is at the right spot and it looks like she has the head of a horse.


14. Funny outfit

Someone managed to capture this couple embracing in a library. He isn’t wearing shorts because that’s his girlfriend whose head you can not see.


15. Mortal Combat-worthy

The player’s head probably went down at the other one’s chest so we can’t see it.


16. The poll lover cat

The cat’s color is just the same s this wide poll.


17. The freaky arm

There is another kid lying under the table.


18. The dog with two heads

These two cuties made a great picture.


19. The zebra woman

She was trying to pose for a photo and when her coat fell over the zebra’s behind, it totally makes it look like she is some kind of creature.


20. Three-legged-woman

Posing with an urn is more than creepy.


Source:shared, providr