Hardware Fun Fact Of The Day: Here’s What The Tiny Hole Next To Your Phone Camera Does


Technology is advancing at such a rate that it is impossible to know every little new quirk that appears on our devices. Even more so, when it comes to the hardware segment, we somehow take that aspect for granted as something that we don’t have to understand, but it should always work impeccably nevertheless.


Of course, the technically curious among us will always wonder and look to learn new things. If you belong to that group, you might have wondered what the tiny hole on the rear side of your iPhone was. Some believe the hole to be a resetting device, but don’t go poking in it with a needle yet, as that couldn’t be further from the truth.


The small hole next to the camera is actually a microphone. One of three microphones on the device, this piece of hardware is called a “noise canceling microphone”.

Having more than one microphone allows for multi-directional audio coming from different directions, resulting in better coverage.


By having three microphones, regardless of the position the find themselves in, the audio will be easily picked up.

The iPhone has an internal processor which dissects the audio. This allows users to have clear and crisp sound, and it also eliminates any background noise.

The microphone next to the camera also helps Siri understand accents, as well as improving FaceTime, and conference calls. Not only is the noise canceling mic improving call quality, sound, and noise cancellation, but it is said to also help the user hear the person they are speaking to better!


Audio enthusiasts will be pleased to find out that this microphone is also a lot smaller than the ones on previous iPhone models, taking up 20% less space.



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