Thirteen Pieces Of Advice For True Foodlovers

If you love food so much so that you consider it a major part of your life more than something that fuels your life, you are part of one of the biggest armies in the world: the army of foodlovers. The greatest characteristic of foodlovers is their openness to trying new things when it comes to delicious traits, and here we have thirteen ways in which you can make the consumption of your favorite meal a nicer, more enjoyable experience. Because, no matter how many tacos or hotdogs you’ve already eaten in your life, there’s always another way to prepare them. Enjoy!

1. Tacos

If you love their taste but despise how messy you get while eating them, here’s a tip – just wrap some lettuce around the outside of the shell and fire away freely.



2. Oreos

Use a fork to dunk your Oreos in milk or coffee without ever getting your fingers wet again.


Source: Blessings

3. Hot Dogs

If you cut your hot dogs into spirals, they will not only cook quicker but also much more evenly.



4. Strawberries

Easier, more effective, tastier!


Source: A Million Life Hacks

5. Eggs

Pepper rings are perfect for preventing the yolk in your egg from running, and tasty in their own right.


Source: Mashable

6. Lemonade

Squeezing lemons will never be a nightmare again. Cheers!


Source: Blessings

7. Toblerone

You’ve probably been doing this wrong all your lives, just as we were. Simply push your thumb against the top of a triangle lightly from now on.


Source: Scoop Whoop

8. Popsicles

About twenty years too late, but good to know for parenting.


Source: Blessings

9. Chinese takeaways

You never had to struggle to get to the bottom of your takeout box; it can be easily unfolded into a platter.



10. French Toast

If you want your french toast extra crunchy, you can add crunch by encrusting the bread with bits of cereal!


Source: Mashable

11. Cupcakes

And that’s how you eat these delicious things with ease and dignity.


Source: Viral Nova

12. Soda

How about that? So genius, it even makes you wanna drink beer with a straw.


Source: Blessings

13. Bananas

Next time you want to eat a banana, try peeling it from the opposite side of the stem by lightly squeezing that little nub on the end.