DIY Glowing Jars That Will Make Perfect Night Lights

Those who are afraid of the dark are used to sleeping with the lights on. And that’s fine, but why just have normal lights around your home to sleep with if you’re afraid of the dark, when you can have these cool glowing jars to keep yourself lit.


Diply has a very cool recipe on how to make some really cool night lights using jars and glow sticks, and it was too cool not to share with you guys. Sharing cool stuff like this is the number one benefit of the internet!

jars 2

The recipe couldn’t be simpler.

You’ll need some

  • cool looking jars
  • water
  • and some glow sticks

First, open up one of the jars and fill it up with water. Then very carefully break one of the glow sticks and put the liquid that falls out into the jar, and mix it up.
And that’s it! You have made some very cool night lights. They require no battery, and have enough juice to glow for days. If you have small kids, then you can add a little bit of diamond glitter, or any kind of glitter for that mater, into the jars and make them even more magical and awesome looking.

jars 1

Warning: Don’t let your kids play with the broken glow sticks, as they’re poisonous and dangerous.

Will you make these jars? Show us in the comments what your jars look like!

Source:Offbeat Home