20 Eternal Fashion Rules On Being Classy

Between constantly changing trends and a whole wide array of people trying to influence the way we think about fashion, it is difficult to remain yourself. We all want to look impressive, but it is important not to overstep certain boundaries and to remain true to one’s core. Although in fashion, things are in constant flux, there are some ways of looking classy that will never change. Here is what you need to know about the DON’Ts that you should always try to avoid, regardless of what the next frenzy of trends is going to bring.

1. Showing too much skin

Looking sexy doesn’t have to mean showing half of your skin. By all means, wear a crop top, but why not complement it with high-waisted pants and a blazer like Chiara Ferragni?


Source: Instagram | @chiaraferragni

2. Transparent tights

If your outfit involves a short skirt, skip the transparent tights. Opaque tights (like the ones pictured) will not only keep your legs warmer, they’ll also look far more tasteful.


Source: Instagram | @asequinloveaffair

3. Skipping the tailoring

There is nothing as wasteful as a beautiful garment that isn’t tailored properly. Especially when it comes to items like trousers and blazers, spending a little extra money on tailoring them to your needs will always be worth it.


Source: Instagram | @fashioncanadians

4. Heels too high

High heels will look edgy and fabulous in all but one case: when you’re unable to walk in them. Choosing a mid-size heel is far more glamorous than tumbling down from a high one.


Source: Instagram | @shoesinyo

5. Ill-fitting bras

An ill-fitting bra will ruin even the best outfit. Check out this little guide on how a good bra fits (the third one) and how it never should look like (the first and second).


Source:Kim Brooks Style

6. Too much jewelry

The most important thing to remember when accessorizing is everything in moderation! If you opt for a statement piece, keep the rest of your accessories minimal to accentuate the main one.


Source: Instagram | @lisalu27

7. Patterns Vs. Neutrals

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a good patterned, printed piece. But remember, neutrals can be worn far more often and with many different pieces, so use patterned pieces sparely.


Source: Instagram | @somethingnavy

8. Gold & Silver

People used to think gold and silver should not be combined, but this is now considered a thing of the past. Gold and silver pieces look wonderful together, especially dainty ones!


Source: Instagram | @mishakaudijewelry

9. Dry clean only

Although there are certain times when you should abide by the “Dry Clean Only” tag, there are many different types of fabric (cashmere included!) that actually prefer hand-washing. Do some research on fabric and save yourself a few bucks.


Source: Instagram | @jasminedowling

10. Avoiding horizontal stripes

Avoiding horizontal stripes is another fashion “rule” from bygone times. If a garment fits you correctly, horizontal stripes will not look unflattering.


Source: Instagram | @sincerelyjules

11. One size shopping

Many people are are attached to only one clothing size. You shouldn’t be a slave to a number or a letter: different stores size their clothing differently, so focus on what fits, not on what the label says.


Source: Instagram | @ne_talie

12. Saving on materials

When it comes to the classics, don’t cheap out on materials. Invest in a few luxurious fabric items (wool, cashmere, and silk, for example). They will last you much longer and their high quality will shine through.


Source: Instagram | @loisavery

13. Matchy-matchy

Being too focused on precise matching can be tacky and is exhausting. Look for complementary pieces instead, like the deep plum bag and lilac knit sweater pictured.


Source: Instagram | @vivaluxuryblog

14. Trend overload

When it comes to abiding by current trends, don’t overdo it: it’s important to stick to one at a time. Piling on too many at once is a major fashion faux pas.


Source: Instagram | @essential_jade

15. Too tall mentality

No girl is too tall to wear high heels. This mentality is untrue and detrimental. Embrace whatever height you are and hop on a pair of heels!


Source: Instagram | @romeestrijd

16. Avoiding denim on denim

Don’t avoid denim on denim, embrace it! Just make sure to do so by pairing together lighter with darker shades.


Source: Instagram | @zorikitmisssunshine

17. Too trend-conscious

Even if you had an infinite amount of time and infinite budget it would be impossible to stay on top of every single trend. Plus, even if you could, it’s beside the point. Don’t get too caught up in all of the latest trends because they will change soon enough anyway. Just wear what feels right!


Source: Instagram | @hadiaghaleb

18. One season wonders

Don’t restrict certain items to certain seasons only, but focus on reinventing them instead. Shorts can look impossibly chic during the winter months, especially when paired with tights!


Source: Instagram | @thealinelabel

19. Avoiding print mixing

There’s absolutely no valid rule that says you can’t mix prints. Stripes and florals? Great. Stripes and plaid? Even better. Fashion is all about experimentation!


Source: Instagram | @_alicia_alonso_

20. Following “rules” too strictly

The most important rule when it comes to clothing is to not take any rules too seriously. You don’t like some of the tips on this list? That’s totally fine! Fashion is about self-expression and about doing whatever feels right for you.


Source: Instagram | @thelightshinesahead