Celebrities That Can’t Live Without The Power of Photoshop


We all fall for the celebrities looking glamorous under the spotlights but is that the reality or is it just the miraculous work of Photoshop? We all know the answer, right? Well this amazing program can do magic for real. Not only can it make celebrities’ faces look glamorous but also it can be used for shaping their bodies, as it can remove weight or even add some when needed. Whatever the stars don’t like on their bodies Photoshop is here to fix it! But then again in real life there is no Photoshop. All those celebs are real people made out of flesh and bones and DON’T have the perfect bodies and looks.

Although there is a lot of pressure on the celebrities to look “perfect” that might not always be the case.

So let’s see some of the magic done by Photoshop compared to the real images.

1. Demi Moore

Demi Moore despite her age is still one of the most beautiful ladies in Hollywood. However Photoshop is needed for her too. Here is what Photoshop has changed in her natural looks.


2. Cindy Crawford

Here we go with another beautiful lady who has given birth to two amazing children. Being a mother might affect the abs, oh and gravity is just doing its job. But don’t worry Cindy, Photoshop did a great job!


3. Keira Knightley

Why pay for breast surgery and go through all the pain when we have Photoshop! This is the most used feature of Photoshop – adding boobs! Seems legit.


4. Lindsay Lohan

Yet another good example of Photoshop magic. Lindsay Lohan has gone through tough times and they have left some wrinkles on her face. But again we have here Photoshop to help. No wrinkles at all but flawless skin, there you go girl!


5. Jennifer Lawrence

Photoshop can be also used for ironing your clothes. This is an example of ironing your clothes with Photoshop, it seems like Jennifer has no time for that in real life.


6. Katy Perry

Here we have Katy Perry not satisfied with her makeup job so they Photoshopped it for the better. Also some little corrections in the abs and breast for reaching that “perfect” body.


7. Candice Huffine

Hmm medium sized model using Photoshop? not quite fair. No wonder we have trouble with body image.


8. Madonna

Who says you have to have wrinkles and blemishes when you age? Here we have a Madonna with a flawless face, why not, right?


9. Lady Gaga

And your shape can be perfectly fixed by Photoshop! Oh and also the hair as you may see.


10. Justin Bieber

It seems like Justin Bieber has no time for the gym so he needed a touch of magic um I mean Photoshop and voila!


11. Beyonce

This one shows the power of Photoshop when it comes to makeup. It seems like celebs don’t need to wear any makeup while doing photo shoots, all they need is a good Photoshop master.


12. Fergie

Here we have a fresher look with just a little touch of Photoshop making the colors brighter and magic again!


13. Madonna

And Madonna’s wrinkles again. But Photoshop is here once again to help.


14. Kim Kardashian

Here is Photoshop putting Kim into the perfect shape. As you may see, her mid section is perfectly Photoshopped, removing all the extra pounds that Kim is not proud of.


15. Gwen Stefani

Although Gwen didn’t need any touch on this one, her look is made even more dramatic just by fixing her lips and skin tone.


16. Adam Levine

Adam is receiving the perfect unwrinkled face only with a click of a mouse.


17. Kourtney Kardashian

Another Kardashian saved by Photoshop. Kourtney not only unhappy with her body shape but it seemed like she didn’t like her dress color either. So Photoshop fixed it all!


18. Johnny Depp

Photoshop is not used only for fixing up things, but it can also completely change somebody’s look. Here we have Johnny as a good example. Would you recognize him?


19. Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest, why not make the perfect look even more perfect?


20. Britney Spears

Here is an example of very good Photoshop work where may wonder what has changed. Britney got herself in great shape and perfect skin without even spending time at the gym.



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